• Floating Desk "Rafael"


    Inspired by mid 20th century designer, Rafael we reproduced the Floating Lacquer Desk with Nickel Standoff Knobs to support the glass side-legs, this piece is perfect by a bed, in a showroom window or on a mirror floor, since the piece is lacquered all around.

    There are two currently on display so you can come and touch, inspect and feel the piece, one in Blue Mahogany and one in Red Maple.

    picture of red one on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/26317979044263167/?lp=true

    Each one is built custom, to your size specifications and exact dimensions from your designer.  Custom Color matching, ofcourse or any color from any color library like Benjamin Moore colors, etc..  Any veneer you want, lacewood, rosewood, mahogany, anything.

    Drawers are full extension, self-closing with an invisible grip from underneath to make it easy to open and close like magic.

    Inside is a soft feel polyurethane on blued mahogany, top-coated scratch-resistant velvety-soft surface, similar to the back of a cell phone battery.