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Steinway & Sons Model B

A delight…both Yuri and my piano after a tuning, he also did a voicing..last year.
He is A reliant and competent man…
The spirit of music and joy
In music surrounds him

Julia Aneshansley – Stamford, CT

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At your Service

Piano Restoration

Amadeus Piano Co., LLC is proud to help people find pianos for their homes and when it’s time, we can also help find a new home for your piano.

Listing fees are $69 per month and no commissions from the sale or any other obligation.

We are a full service piano restoration, service, moving and storage company, so we are happy to help with any service you may need.  If you are in the market for a piano and are not a professional, we can send an expert technician to evaluate your potential purchase and present you with an itemized list of services and repairs, if needed, including the value before and after any work.

If you are selling your piano and are not comfortable with people coming to your home to see and bid on the instrument, we are happy to help with climate-controlled piano moving and storage and potential buyers can schedule appointment times to come see your piano whenever they like.